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Cornell’s department of government is devoted to the study of political power, political institutions, public policy, public opinion and participation, political economy, interactions between citizens and governments, and the international system.


The field of Government is divided into four subfields:

American Politics(the political behavior, policies, and institutions of the United States) Comparative Politics(the political institutions and processes of countries around the world) International Relations(transactions between states, international organizations and transnational actors) Political Theory & Philosophy(normative theories of politics and history of political thought)
news The Institute for Advanced Studies Peter Katzenstein has been awarded a fellowship at the Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton University, for the 2009-2010 academic year.September 5th, 2009 Honorary Lifetime Member Peter Katzenstein has been named an Honorary Lifetime Member of the Swill Political Science Association.September 4th, 2009 The Department of Government is now accepting nominations for the Katzenstein Book Prize
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