Concentrations on theory, applications, political philosophy, and the behavior of power wielders


David Siddhartha Patel

Patel Office:218 White Hall Tel: (607) 255-6758 Fax: (607) 255-4530 dsp58@cornell.edu Curriculum Vitae

David Siddhartha Patel studies and teaches comparative politics with a focus on Middle Eastern politics, Islamic institutions, and political culture. His research analyzes the recurrent ability of Islamic institutions to shape patterns of collection action. Instead of analyzing Islam as shared values or ideology, Patel combines game theory and ethnography to examine how Islamic institutions and symbols can provide individuals information that facilitates powerful political coordination and enhances social solidarity.

Patel conducted field research in Iraq in 2003-2004 to understand how mosques and clerical organizations affect local public goods provision and national political coordination. He has also written on changes in female Islamist dress codes and ethnic divisions in the Jordanian Islamic Movement. Aside from Iraq, he has conducted research in Jordan, Syria, Yemen, Egypt, and Lebanon.

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